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Gluten free vanilla

There are so many things to think about today as we walk around the grocery store. What foods are best for me and my family.  Should I look for all natural, or organic, or gluten free?  So many choices.  So little information.  When I go to purchase vanilla flavorings, or vanilla extracts, how do I know what I am getting?  If I need gluten free vanilla, what should I buy?
For a diet that needs gluten free ingredients, vanilla extract that has not had any sweeteners added will be gluten free.  In the manufacturing process the alcohol, whether corn or whole grain alcohol, starts at 190 proof (or 95% pure alcohol).  Alcohol rarely comes any purer, without special processing.  At this level of alcohol content, there are no glutens left.  So, whether the label states that the vanilla extract is gluten free or not, if it does not contain a sweetener, then it is gluten free.
In the grocery store, gluten free vanillas are easy to detect.  Just read the label.  Corn syrup: bad.  No sweetener: Good



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